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We help accredited investor with direction in asset allocation. This helps you relax so you can enjoy your life.
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Our culture and work

See what we do and be inspired to join us on our journey to make a better investment.
Graha Kencana #DM, Jl Raya Pejuangan 88, Jakarta 11530 +62 21 - 5494049


Since 1991, for more than 26 years we believe in the accurate asset allocation. There is business cycle for every asset class and we make it job one to understand the timing, direction and priority.
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Fearless but educated investments guided by decades of experience in valuation and balance principals. Trade opportunities are everywhere from physical goods to digital contents distribution.
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In 2009, we launched new focus on technology, from acquiring companies to developing new platform for future in web and mobile applications in education, sme and tourism industries. We invest early.
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Our pre-development land bank expertise started multi generation back in 1970. Now it’s an established spin-off, from the parent company which became a public listed firm in JSX. Land bank produces superior return on investments.
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Let us help you make your capital investment a success Investing your capital is like planting the seed, yes we have to do research in finding good seed, i.e. the fundamental business model, but season and time are the reinforcing nature to your investment that play very important role to success. These are our key principals.
  • Integrity in everything
  • Be the expert in our field
  • Be alert, be paranoid of changes
  • Don’t be blindsighted
  • Always open to learn
  • Clarify our information
  • Be out there in the field
  • Constant improvement
  • Attitude to be uncomfortable
  • Mastery of subject

Put Our Experience To The Test

Since 1991, we walk our talk and put our services to work in real world.

You can Trust Us. We Have Decades of Experience.

18 years in Finance
26 years in Trade
8 years in Technology
40 years in Land
PT Mahoni Edukasi Digital Building Smarter Nation We give tools to students to learn, and teachers to teach easier nationwide. Our basic solution include ebooks, video programs, tryout and innovative education kiosk. http://pendidikan.id


Our company is built with experience, friendliness and proficiency
PT Indonesia Product Global The Leading B2B Marketplace Connecting Buyers and Suppliers Worldwide We provide online promotion for small medium enterprises and effective e-directory business for all Indonesian companies with export interest. http://indonesia-product.com
PT Mahoni Global Digital Marketing and Mobile Solution We develop digital solution to reach and touch the heart of million of people worldwide using mobile application and technology. http://mahoni.com

Our Easy Steps To Success

Let’s start making your company a financial success today
1. Superior Business Model Change is constant, golden era does not stay the same. We believe in constant adaptation to the current market situation.
2. Timing & Season We believe business works on cycle, there is timing for everything and there are season of successes and challenges. Business is easier when it flows and not against the head wind.
3. Transparancy Review Honest evaluation on performance and profitability must be integrated as part of the process of measure in continuation of each business unit.

Macindo Group

Graha Kencana #DM, Jl Raya Pejuangan 88, Jakarta 11530 +6221 5494049

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